Company : Gami Light Concepts
About : Photography Lighting Modifiers
Overview : Gami Light Concepts is spearheaded by Dennis Kok. With Dennis Kok at helm, his team consist of Chee Foong who is a video animator by profession, Kit Lee, a professional photographer and Sam Poon who is in sales and marketing for overseas dealers.
Description : Gami as the word suggests, it folds away your light modifiers as simple as possible to make your shooting experience enjoyable. It gives you the best result with the best value you could get. Always thinking for you first as a photographer who wants freedom and hassle free in your shooting. Our products cater to your needs whether you are an amateur or professional photographer.
General : Lighting modifiers have been made easier with Gami Light simply because photography lighting are supposed to be as simple as you fold flat and go, pop up and start shooting. Absolutely fool proof that makes every photographers focus on what they do best, to be worried free with the tools and to make photography as fun as it should be.
Mission : Inventing kits that are as simple as origami for amateur and professional photographers alike, offering strobists or off camera photographers more and better choices of kits with great value for money.
Products : Lighting modifiers for amateur and professional photographers.