Item Name:   Soft Plus 43 - Diffuser Enhancer



- For the advanced photographer who requires extra softness.

- To achieve double diffuser to enhance extra softness that Square 43 produces.

- By attaching SoftPlus 43 onto your Square 43, you are able to reduce the size of Square 43 significantly to make it fit easily into your bag.

- Button on Mounting System. Instant setup within 10 sec.

  on how to setup & pack.

Application:   To achieve a soft light source with smoother graduation of the shadow definition. To achieve an even light source with flat tone for reflective object.
Light Loss:   approx. 1 Stop. ( with Square 43) at flash zoom to 24mm.
Dimension:   Assembled(cm): 27.5 x 22.8 x 9 Folds Flat(cm): 26.3 x 15.8 x 0.5
Weight:   approx. 100g
Packing:   1 unit Soft Plus 43, 1 pc user manual.
Price:   RSP: USD16.90